This one is made for promotion of the TV Station I work for currently. It was a nice one to do because we traveled a lot around the region. Met some nice people and had reasonable conditions to work. We shot this on a Canon 550d, most of it with a 50mm lens for portrait photography. Everyone had a good time and that’s what’s important.

I used Cinema 4D for 3D & After Effects for post and grading. I had to “bake out” most of the scenes because they were render heavy and in HD. Did my best but it could have been better if we had more time on this. Nonetheless, it is a nice promo i helped make. Here is the list of people closest to the project.

Director: Stojče Stoleski
DP: Goran Velimir
Editor/Sound design: Zoran Nikolić
Art/Animation:Ajandi Endre
& The Wild Bunch (crew)




  1. maskonline says:

    Odlican Promo , cela koncepcija mi se svidja pogotovo 3d deo sa tekstom oko tv 🙂 , i like it.

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